Middle and Senior High Youth

Youth Ministry at Highland Methodist

It's hard to think about Highland UMC without thinking about youth! With our proximity to so many schools, it is the passion and calling of the youth ministry of Highland United Methodist Church to help every youth who walks through our doors to personally experience God so that they know beyond any doubt that God exists and loves them. 

Summer Youth Schedule


Pauper Commander League:
3pm - 4:30pm
Explore MTG, make friends, and have fun! Join our Tuesday league for a low-cost gaming experience. All cards are from a common pool we provide. Perfect for students interested in Magic or looking for Tuesday entertainment. Embrace your nerdy side and join the fun!

Getting Crafty
Scheduled Tuesdays see sign-up sheet for dates
5:30 PM to 6:30 PM

Getting Crafty  is a time for some of our awesome church members, guests, and  even some of our youth to share their talents with the youth group.  One week you might be learning about cooking and the next about calligraphy,  it will be so much fun.  
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Bible Study
High School 1pm & Middle School 4pm
Our summer Bible study is a tradition at this point,  Scott will pick an Old Testament book, and we will work through it during the summer. This summer, we are going to be studying the book of Joshua,  a book that tells the story of the people of Isreal after Moses.  Both the Middle School and High School will be studying the same book.

Dungeons and Dragons
2pm - 4pm
We will be starting a brand new campaign in a new setting; this is a great jumping-on point for new players; the first week will be dedicated to getting characters created and making sure everyone has the stuff they need to play.


6:00 pm -8:00 pm Sunday Night Youth
Sunday Night Youth at 6pm: enjoy a meal, play fun games and learn from a Bible lesson. A night filled with laughter, inspiration and spiritual growth.