Serving Others

Highland Methodist is transforming lives by demonstrating Jesus' love and making Him known through serving others. 

One way you can serve your community is by taking part in our Monthly Mission Meals. More info below.

Faith Promise Q&A

Serve the community through faithful giving

Q: What is “Faith Promise”?

A: Faith Promise is our “extra mile” giving and channels financial support to local agencies that provide help to those in need. We give an amount above and beyond our regular giving, with faith in God’s promise to provide for our needs. This is to more intentionally follow the teachings of Jesus in Matthew 25 and to be His hands and feet in the world.

Q: How are decisions made about how the funds are distributed?

A: The Ministry Team administers the fund, and its members are actively involved as board members and/or volunteers and have “first-hand” knowledge of the agencies’ management and services. The Team seeks to recruit other HUMC members to help fill the ongoing need for volunteers. The primary aim is to promote a more active and personal involvement of church members in God’s redeeming work in the world as we look to Jesus as our model for compassionate and self-giving service.

Q: What community agencies receive funding from our Faith Promise Giving?

A: Five agencies are currently the primary recipients: Emergency Shelter of Northern Kentucky; Family Promise of Northern Kentucky; Hosea House; Ida Spence Mission; Vine and Branches (UMC ministry at NKU). As non-profits, they depend on consistent and predictable giving from churches and individuals. Other agencies have been recipients to meet special needs. The Ministry Team welcomes new members to the team as well as suggestions for other agencies to support. Current Ministry Team members are : Tom Yocum (chair); Darryl Bashford, John Gibson, Kevin Hagerty; Becky Kuether; Ann Richards Tom Yocum, Chair. Darryl Bashford; John Gibson; Kevin Haggerty; Becky Kuether; Ann Richards

Nicaragua Mission

HUMC has partnered with Tin Roof Foundation to "Bring Hope to Kids" in Nicaragua. 


Buy delicious and well-caffinated Nicaraguan Coffee in the Welcome Center to support local growers and educational programs for just $10/bag.

Learn more about the mission of the Tin Roof Foundation, or make a contribution at their website.

Women's Circles

United Methodist Women (UMW) has a long tradition of supporting missions at Highland Methodist.  

Circle 13 is known for being creative and crafty using their hot glue guns and kitchens to create delightful Christmas crafts and delicious fudge to sell annually during the holiday season. Children are always delighted by the craft sale at the yearly Thanksgiving dinner! In addition, these faithful women host a biannual "Trash and Treasure" garage sale raising hundreds of dollars for missions. These friends love to laugh together and newcomers have no trouble jumping right into their fellowship!

Circle 5: Sisters of Lydia is very prayerful and members are very active servants of Christ. These gals enjoy meeting over lunch hour and sharing life's joys and challenges. Each month, needs are chosen to support in the life of our church or community. Also, this group loves to host individuals from various community organizations to learn more from them such as Mercy Maternity Home, Ronald McDonald House and Family Promise.

To get meeting times or connect with a Circle Leader contact the church office.