Bluebird Policy Handbook & Media Release

You may obtain a copy of the Bluebird Policy Handbook from the Bluebird Office.  A copy of our handbook is distributed to all parents at packet pickup in August.

Permission to Photograph/Videotape and Publish: At some time during the school year, school personnel or other school authorized persons may videotape or photograph classroom activities or special projects in which your child participates during school. These may be used to promote Bluebird Christian Preschool within Highland United Methodist Church and/or the surrounding communities. This includes but is not limited to newspapers, newsletters, brochures and internet. Please review this form carefully, sign and date the form, and return the form to your child’s teacher before the start of school. Once signed and dated, this form shall remain in effect for your child’s enrollment in Bluebird Christian Preschool. At any time during the school year, you may amend this form only for future uses/preferences by notifying the Director in writing.
The forms to sign will be included in the packet distributed to you at August Parent Packet Pickup.  Just sign and return to Bluebird on Welcome Day.