Motown Mission

What: Motown Mission


Motown Mission is an urban work mission destination in Detroit, MI for Christian youth, college, and adult groups interested in economic disaster recovery work in the name of Jesus Christ. Deeply rooted in Wesleyan Theology, Motown Mission began as a United Methodist organization and continues to maintain the connection to the contemporary UMC's commitment to grace, mission, and service as a means for individual and communal transformation

Where: Detroit, Michigan

When: June 14th-20th

Why: It is a great experience for our students and we have been going for a number of years. Mission Trips are a great way to serve God and others and also a great way to fellowship with others in the youth group.

Cost: $315* + food money for the trip up and back and spending money if they want souvenirs.

 * $100 deposit paid by parents/students due after sign up period ends(if you need help with this let Scott know ASAP. )

The $215 that is left we will do fundraising which will be divided equally among the students who participate in the fundraising. After fundraising whatever cost is left over will be the responsibility of the parents/students.

Who can go?: Students going into 7th grade though 12 graders.

After the Sign Up period ends there will be Student/Parent meeting for those who are going Mar 1 @ 5:30 pm in the fellowship hall. 

Sign Up Window 2/10/20 - 2/24/20

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