Youth Ministry at Highland Methodist

It's hard to think about Highland UMC without thinking about youth! With our proximity to so many schools, it is the passion and calling of the youth ministry of Highland United Methodist Church to help every youth who walks through our doors to personally experience God so that they know beyond any doubt that God exists and loves them. 


Dear Students and Parents

I first want to say that I have missed you all during this time and am praying that we can all be together again soon.  Regardless of the situation we are going to make the most of it and spend time together in fellowship and study. To that end I have spent this weekend setting up some ways for us to be together digitally. A quick note about all of the things i’m about to present,  they will all fall short if we don’t engage with each other. The whole point of all of this is that we are still a community of believers and so we need your thoughtful engagement to make this work.

  1. A daily devotion using the bible app or  The first one we are doing is called “Fight Fear” and it is looking at what fear is and how we can manage it.


  2. We have a discord server. This is our main place to hang out, this is not just for gamers but is a great communication platform that we can all use for free.  It has multiple voice chat rooms and is available on many platforms including in a web browser and smartphones.


  3. Sunday Evening Lesson posted on youtube.  Link sent out later.

  4. Wednesday Evening Check In on discord at 6:30pm.  We all get on discord and check in with each other, chat and see how everyone is doing.  We will also have a chance for prayer requests at this time.

  5. I will have “office hours” at the normal afterschool times starting on Tuesday March 17th.   So Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday from 3:00pm-4:15. Scott will be actively on Discord and available to play games, chat, or whatever. Can't do those times?  Shoot a message over and we will figure something out. 

  6. I have started a Minecraft server for those that have minecraft(Java) and are interested in playing Minecraft together.   Server information will be on our discord server.

  7. IF YOUR NOT ON REMIND APP PLEASE JOIN US. It is the fastest way I have to communicate with students and parents and it helps us all keep on the same page.  class code is @humcy622


In Christ,

Scott O Beach


Jame 4:8