Bluebird Christian Preschool Director Job Description

Updated January, 2020

The Staff-Parish Relations Committee, acting on the authority of the Church Council, hires the Director of Bluebird Christian Preschool as a salaried, three quarter-time (averaging 29.5 hours/week) staff member. While the Preschool Director will be called upon to assist in the whole ministry of the church as a part of the church’s ministry team, primary attention will be given to supervising the preschool program. The staff person shall be a full, affiliate, or associate member of Highland UMC.

Purpose of Position

By use of leadership, supervisor, and administrative skills, guide and manage Bluebird Christian Preschool to promote the spiritual, emotional, physical, social, and cognitive development of each child.

General Staff Responsibilities

  1. The staff serves under the direction of the Lead Pastor, who will be the primary supervisor. The Pastor will meet with individual staff persons for quarterly goal and performance reviews. One review will be an annual review in conjunction with a representative from the Staff-Parish Relations Committee.
  2. Read & understand the church mission & vision statements with the goal of integrating those principles into your work goals.
  3. Work within the approved budget for the ministry area.
  4. Attend church council meetings. Offer brief but meaningful reports related to the areas of responsibility. Staff members serve as ex officio members on the council without voting rights.
  5. Serve as a professional staff person of the congregation with access to all church property and resources (except personal computers and confidential files) in coordination with the other parts of the church.
  6. Attend staff meetings and maintain cordial staff relationships.
  7. Submit announcements/articles for church bulletins and newsletters.
  8. Promote the church in an enthusiastic manner on a continual basis.
  9. Actively participate in Sunday worship and a small group ministry of HUMC.
  10. Maintain a strong spiritual and personal life that is consistent with Christian leadership and lifestyle including prayer, devotional study, financial stewardship, and appropriate time off from work.
  11. Submit requests for vacation & personal days to the Lead Pastor in writing.
  12. Maintain confidentiality in professional relationships.
  13. Read & understand church policies on child abuse and sexual harassment.

Specific Bluebird Responsibilities

Personnel Management

  1. Personnel consists of 20 staff members (19 teachers and 1 Administrative Assistant)
  2. Lead in the recruitment and interviewing process of teachers and assistant teachers.
  3. Define and write job descriptions for the preschool staff.
  4. Conduct background checks of all potential Bluebird employees.
  5. Maintain staff personnel files.
  6. Arrange for substitute staff when necessary.
  7. Maintain communication with all preschool staff.
  8. Daily supervise and support all preschool staff.
  9. Develop and implement an orientation and training program with in-service opportunities, encouraging spiritual and professional growth among the staff.
  10. Conduct and organize Opening and Closing Days
  11. Conduct and organize monthly staff meetings
  12. Prepare evaluations of all staff members.
  13. Conduct formal observations throughout the school year.
  14. Establish & maintain standards of professionalism & confidentiality.
  15. Manage any personnel disciplinary problems.
  16. Keep detailed records of disciplinary reprimands and actions taken by Bluebird and personnel.

Instructional Management

  1. Responsible for the development, revision, and evaluation of the curriculum.
  2. Responsible for purchasing and providing the resources, supplies, workbooks, and equipment necessary to accomplish the preschool program.
  3. Maintain academic standards consistent with Kindergarten expectations.
  4. Stay current on educational issue that may affect Bluebird including state and national standards.

Program Management

  1. Establish and implement office procedures.
  2. Keep confidential and current files on students.
  3. Develop and maintain enrollment process, and preschool communications.
  4. Supervise the day to day functioning of the program.
  5. Conduct monthly Bluebird Advisory Committee Meetings.
  6. Organize fundraisers, photo sessions and parent seminars/open houses.
  7. Arrange for use of the building for all activities outside regular preschool hours.
  8. Establish school policies and review progress of the preschool with the Bluebird Advisory Committee.

Child Management

Enrollment consists of approximately 130 students

  1. Organize yearly registration.
  2. Consult with teachers regarding challenging students.
  3. Provide resources and advice in classroom and behavior management to teachers.
  4. Maintain an orderly and safe preschool environment conducive to the growth and development of young children.
  5. Provide experiences to enhance child growth and development spiritually, academically, socially, physically, and emotionally.
  6. Maintain accurate records of each child according to the state licensing rules and regulations.
  7. Establish and maintain relationship with children through daily interaction with them.
  8. Maintain classroom and building environment to keep it up to date, safe and inviting.

Business Management

Budget is approximately $150,000 to $190,000 per year

  1. Develop an annual budget for the preschool.
  2. Oversee all income and expenses.
  3. Set staff payroll.
  4. Determine and monitor start-up and classroom budgets.
  5. Maintain detailed accounts of all income and expenses.
  6. Implement the billing system and ledgers for the preschool students.
  7. Handle any problems with delinquent accounts.
  8. Reconcile the checkbook each month.
  9. Submit financial report to the Church Finance Committee.
  10. Submit records for an annual audit of the Bluebird books.

Parent/Public Relations

  1. Maintain regular communication with parents through frequent interactions and email correspondence.
  2. Develop and supervise parent education opportunities.
  3. Implement formal and informal opportunities for the community to visit and know about the preschool.
  4. Oversee communication through newspaper, Facebook and internet.
  5. Handle any complaints or concerns of parents.
  6. Meet with parents to develop behavior plans for students.
  7. Attend and present preschool information to various public relations events.
  8. Host public relations events such as Open House.
  9. Develop promotional materials.

Vacation, Holidays, Sick Days, & Personal Time

  1. The staff shall earn 2 weeks paid vacation per year from start of employment. No unused vacation may be carried over to the next year. Vacation must have approval before being taken.
  2. Paid vacation schedule based on years of service:
    1. 0-5 years: 2 Weeks
    2. 6-10 years: 3 Weeks
    3. 11 and beyond: 4 Weeks
  3. Vacation & holidays for this position are expected to coincide with breaks in the school schedule or with permission of Lead Pastor.
  4. Four sick days and two personal days are allowed with pay during the operational days of Bluebird Christian Preschool per year. Sick days may be accumulated over successive years up to a maximum of fifteen days. At the time employment is terminated, unused sick days will not receive financial compensation.

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